10 tons of e-waste for “Lose your kilowatts” action!

bartosz.miecznikowski 23 June 2016

On 18-22 April during “Zrzuć zbędne kilowaty” – “Lose your kilowatts” action, 70 properties took part in electrowaste collection.

NAI Estate Fellows and seven companies operating in the commercial real estate market organized the action in cooperation with “Byś” – a waste disposal company, which conducted the collection of electrowaste. As a result, 10 200 kg of electrowaste was collected! Profits from disposal of collected items – 1 500 PLN – will be transferred as a donation to the Świetlica Wychowawczo – Terapeutyczna „Smurfy” in Pisz. Furthermore, donors, who wish to remain anonymous, donated additional 8 000 PLN for Świetlica.

“Lose your kilowatts” is an initiative referring to the International Earth Day, which falls on April 22. Since four years, during the action special containers are placed in office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses. People working in the participating buildings have an opportunity to get rid of electro-waste (e-waste). The action is complemented by educational activities aimed at promoting environment friendly attitudes among tenants. 

“I am glad that our initiative has been supported by more international companies. It is a confirmation that the concept of corporate social responsibility is deeply rooted in the real estate industry. This year we have noticed a great interest in our action. Thanks to the commitment of the participants we were able to collect more than a ton of electrowaste more than in the previous year. The funds collected from the disposal of waste will be transferred to Świetlica Wychowawczo – Terapeutyczna „Smurfy” in Pisz”. – says Ewa Rasińska from JLL