A team of experts from NAI Estate Fellows based on knowledge and experience, supports decision making process. On request, we will perform a multidimensional analysis of the project, verify market opportunities, estimate the risks and potential costs.




We provide analysis of the documentation and operational issues, which includes verification of:

  • Completeness of LA documentation
  • Tenants securities status
  • Tenants’ and contractors’ liability insurance status
  • Verification of completeness of documentation and contracts status
  • Contracts for the purchase of the utilities, including the analysis of power ordered and energy losses
  • Historic tax declarations
  • Historic environment declarations


We provide analysis of the finances of the property, which includes verification of:

  • Cost invoices vs service contracts
  • Allocation of costs on the individual buildings included in the Real Estate and sharing common costs of neighboring properties
  • Rent invoices
  • Previous years’ service charges reconciliation
  • Utility re-invoicing methods
  • Indexations (since start of LA)



Feasibility analysis

The new venture, associated with a large capital investment is burdened with high risk. To determine the right level of risk as well as the potential of the project it is crucial to perform the feasibility analysis. The verification process will affect the decision-making process through an objective and rational determination of strengths and weaknesses of the project as well as the opportunities and risks associated with it, the resources that will be necessary for its implementation and the assessment of its chances of success.

NAI Estate Fellows’ experts perform following analyses of:

  • market
  • economy
  • technical conditions
  • strategy


Valuation advisory

The professional team of experts is engaged in carrying out valuations and advisory services on the issue of capital market transactions. Our offer is addressed to both institutional investors as well as other companies outside the real estate industry. With broad knowledge and extensive experience of our team we provide accurate valuation based on knowledge of the local market.

Upon our experience we provide:

  • Portfolio valuation
  • Loan security
  • Initial public offerings
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Large multi-phase developments

The scope of our offer includes:

  • Valuation of commercial real estate such as: office, retail, residential, hotel, leisure, recreational, logistic, industrial, petroleum and automotive
  • Secured lending and securitisation advice to banks and rating agencies
  • Portfolio valuations for institutional investors, property companies and tennants