Property Management

NAI Estate Fellows provides full scope of property management services. Our services include set up of property management, property administration and document archiving, daily management of the property, supervision over service companies, facility management and property tenants relations maintenance.

We believe that efficient management of a commercial property is a key factor in building property’s value. Our work with the property is based on management process as well as strong and lasting relations with the tenants, who are a great asset for the property.

Our work is based on an advanced software and tools that optimize work time associated with the processes of property management. Such an approach not only ensures excellent quality of service, but also enables our property managers to spend more time working directly with the tenants.

Our team consists of highly qualified and committed employees with vast experience in project management of different levels of complexity. We understand the specific needs of our clients that is why our actions for the property are tailor made. Thanks to a wide presence in local markets, in Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź, Gdynia, Gdansk and Wroclaw, we have acquired deep local market knowledge and have access to local subcontractors. We are able to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

A detailed list of our services includes:

Property management

Management of a commercial real estate, is a challenge that should be entrusted with experienced professionals such as NAI Estate Fellows. The benefits that come from cooperation with our team of experts, help not only to reduce and optimize personnel costs by putting the property in the management of an external company.

Property management performed by NAI Estate Fellows ensures fulfillment of construction law obligations imposed on property owners, correct and complete property documentation as well as optimization of maintenance costs.

A detailed list of our services includes:

  • Administration and meticulous maintenance of the property, in accordance to professional standards and law regulations
  • Archiving of paper and electronic documentation
  • Preparing and implementing building procedures
  • Preparing tax and environmental declarations
  • Handling insurance issues
  • Running the technical log book and building book according to current regulations
  • Inspecting the common areas of the Property and informing the Client on the state of the Property, current and possible defects, technical system defects, commissioning specialist reports
  • Preparing plans for renovation works and investment proposals
  • Arranging and supervising maintenance contracts with facility management firm, security, cleaning company and other services
  • Order and control of current repair and maintenance facilities
  • Order and supervision of mandatory periodic inspections
  • Supervision of service companies:
    • maintainance and efficiency of all technical installations, common areas and other facilities.
    • maintainance and cleanliness of all premises, facilities, outdoor areas and greenery
    • property security
  • OPEX budget optimization
  • Supervision over repairs and CAPEX works 

Asset management

Asset management process is based on the continuous optimization of the value of property. Our experts work with the client to develop an individual strategy for each property taking into account the current objectives of the Client. We are aware that the real estates are investment products and depending on the investment strategy the priorities of the Client may be different. Long-term investment strategy requires stable revenues and good technical condition. Short-term investment strategies will be based on an aggressive policy in relation to costs.

Asset management services include:

  • Access to the latest solutions in the field of management and long-term knowledge of our specialists, which enables planning capital expenditure and optimization of operating costs of the property.
  • Access to a broad base of subcontractors of real estate services, with full recognition of the market in terms of price and quality of services offered by the contractors
  • Participation in the group bidding for the purchase of electricity enabling to obtain more favorable purchase price
  • Professional property budget and management plan, based on knowledge and experience in property management of numerous commercial real estate
  • Fast due dilligence process in case of property disposition
  • Fast online access to financial data of the property, including access to analytical costs reports, the cash-flow forecast and debt statements enabling faster business decisions in reference to asset management

Tenant relationship management

Tenants constitute the strength of the property, and on a highly competitive market, retaining existing tenants is as important as attracting new ones. Building long-term relationships with tenants of the property is our highest priority in the management process. Our experience and ability to maintain successful relationships with tenants are confirmed by numerous references given by the companies residing in buildings managed by our company.

Tenant management services include:

  • Record of tenants and leased spaces
  • Supervision of hand over date
  • Lease agreement obligations control (lease agreement securities, insurance)
  • Rent and Service Charge settlements
  • Securing all necessary correspondence with Tenants
  • Maintaining good relations with tenants, aimed at keepinf the long term relationship
  • Tenant manual preparation
  • Support in finding optimal solutions for tenants workspace usage and utility consumption

Reporting and budgeting

We are aware that different people read financial statements, such as budgets and reports in different ways. We are able to customize our reports to individual needs. For some of our clients list consisting only of numbers is convenient because they convert the numeric values in their own software used for financial service property. For others, who have limited time to analyze the data, or simply prefere graphical presentation a form of charts will be more desirable method of presentation. One look at our report is sufficient to have a general picture of what is happening in real estate.

Our list of services include:


  • Actuals vs budget reporting
  • Receivables and securities
  • Tenancy schedule
  • Cash flow reporting and management
  • Retail properties reporting (turnover, footfall) 

Preparing budgets for the property:

  • Income budget
  • Service charge budget
  • Utilities budget
  • CAPEX budget

Financial and accounting services 

NAI Estate Fellows supports property owners in achieving financial objectives by providing them with comprehensive and reliable information. Due to our actions, the owner saves time and minimizes costs associated with the accounting services. Rich functionality of our software allows us to provide services using one system, but at the same time it enables us to work with other systems used by the client. High flexibility allows us to quickly adapt to the changes / needs of our clients.

Financial and accounting services include:

  • rent and service charge invoicing
  • accepting, verifying  and alocation of the costs
  • utility meter reading and issuing utility invoices
  • analysys of the service charge execution
  • indexing rents and Tenants’ securities
  • financial analysis of the property finances
  • debt collecting (issuing call letters and telephone calls)
  • supervision over bank accounts, payments
  • cashflow management

Real estate marketing

We apply an individual approach for each property. Our actions are focused on creating an attractive place of great popularity that is consumers and users friendly. A place that will meet the needs and expectations of customers through the appropriate selection of commercial and service offer as well as communication.

Operational marketing set-up process (shopping centers):

  • Developing the marketing plan in line with the overall strategy of the centre.
  • Setting up marketing research, including research among retailers and customers
  • Coordination of marketing events with Tenants cooperation – developing guidelines for tenants, integration of marketing program
  • Evaluation of budgets and marketing plans and its effectiveness

Operational marketing services (shopping centers):

  • Developing organizational solutions – from in-house execution to conducting tenders for marketing services (depending on project size and needs)
  • Supervision of work of external agencies (creative, event, media and print house, production process)
  • Coordination of marketing activities with center’s tenants
  • Building relations with local market institutions and media
  • Analysis of shopping centre and tenants’ performance/ conclusions
  • Monthly marketing reports on current marketing activity
  • Developing tenants’ newsletter

Project management

NAI Estate Fellows understands that time effective solutions and cost savings, support for the client, in order to exploit property’s potential, are the biggest benefits we can deliver to the client. We are able to increase the value of the property through our expertise in areas such as construction consulting, management of the process of construction, introduction of environmental initiatives, planning and scheduling of repair works as well as our experience in raising the value of the investment.

We can help you advance your real estate business in areas such as building consultancy, construction management, green initiatives, planned maintenance or capital improvement.

By supervising all levels of the project we are able to optimize the time needed for its implementation and minimize errors. We have proven relationships with industry experts and manufacturers so that we can provide the best level of service for each of the managed projects. Thanks to our long relations with the industry specialists, producers and contractors the services we deliver are of best quality.

We provide the following project management services:

  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Tendering for construction works and specialist works
  • Project supervision
  • Project evaluation and reconciliation