Starting from July, a new beauty parlour of the G.Bar brand, already known on the Eastern markets, will be available for the Polish customers.

bartosz.miecznikowski 7 May 2018

The G.Bar chain specialises in fancy styling of hair, nails and individually adjusted make-up. The characteristic features of the brand are careful selection of interior design details and a unique offer dedicated to the most demanding clientele.

The chain operates in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia and will be developed to United Arab Emirates. The G.Bar parlour will occupy the premises of the area of 76 square metres, situated on the ground floor of the office building, right next to Perfumesco – the store of the online perfume seller, a tenant, who was also represented by NAI Estate Fellows.



After Warsaw, now there has come the time for Poznań – NAI Estate Fellows moves DJI into another location

bartosz.miecznikowski 13 September 2017

DJI – a global leader in the sale of commercial and amateur drones – has selected another prestigious location and moves into the Stary Browar (The Old Brewery).

The second Polish showroom of DJI brand, of the area of 82 m2, shall be situated in Poznań. The showroom interior will be futuristic, to reflect the nature of the company’s products, which in accordance with the DJI’s philosophy merge the advanced technologies with dynamic design. (more…)


Co-working – a cost-effective workplace solution

bartosz.miecznikowski 1 June 2017

Nowadays, thanks to the availability of modern technologies, a growing number of individuals decides to start their own economic activities. According to the information of the Central Statistical Office, around 300 thousand new companies are created every year; however, a significant part of them, as a result of high operating costs is discontinued. In such case, co-working may be a perfect solution. (more…)

Lady Justice Statue

KRW Legal moves in on Górskiego Street

bartosz.miecznikowski 31 March 2017

NAI Estate Fellows moves in KRW Legal to the pre-war office tenement house on 9  Górskiego  Street in Warsaw.

NAI Estate Fellows represented the law firm Krzysztof Rożko i Wspólnicy in the  process of leasing office space for the new headquarters. KRW Legal will occupy 650 square meters of office space located on the second and third floor in the building at Górskiego  Street. (more…)


Drones choose Warsaw!

bartosz.miecznikowski 16 March 2017

NAI Estate Fellows represented DJI, the global drones company in a lease transaction for their first showroom in Poland.

The DJI showroom will occupy 116 square meters and is located in the New City office complex in Mokotów district in Warsaw.

The New City’s complex visibility and the premises itself, the closeness of bus and tram stops, and easy access to the building adds to the attractiveness of the new DJI showroom. (more…)


They have been here for 10 years and are about to stay for another 5!

bartosz.miecznikowski 15 March 2017

Polcotex stays in the Łódź Business Centre.

Polcotex Sp. z o.o. has been operating for 33 years and it is one of the largest Łódź-based exporters of clothing to the European Union countries.

For the last 10 years, the Company has been occupying the office situated on the 5th floor of the Łódź Business Centre building. The Lessee has decided to extend the contract for another 5 years. Piotr Klatka, the Head of the Regional Office of NAI Estate Fellows in Łódź was responsible for the accomplishment of this transaction on behalf of the building’s Owner. (more…)