10 tons of e-waste for “Lose your kilowatts” action!

bartosz.miecznikowski 23 June 2016

On 18-22 April during “Zrzuć zbędne kilowaty” – “Lose your kilowatts” action, 70 properties took part in electrowaste collection.

NAI Estate Fellows and seven companies operating in the commercial real estate market organized the action in cooperation with “Byś” – a waste disposal company, which conducted the collection of electrowaste. As a result, 10 200 kg of electrowaste was collected! Profits from disposal of collected items – 1 500 PLN – will be transferred as a donation to the Świetlica Wychowawczo – Terapeutyczna „Smurfy” in Pisz. Furthermore, donors, who wish to remain anonymous, donated additional 8 000 PLN for Świetlica.



The Regional Water Management Authority in Poznań in Chlebowa Office Center

bartosz.miecznikowski 21 June 2016

The Regional Water Management Authority in Poznań will change its premises for Chlebowa Office Center.

The main tenant will occupy an area of ​​approximately 1 900 sqm, which is 4/5 of the total area of ​​the building. The offices will be located on two floors (1st and 2nd). The agreement was signed for a period of 10 years.

Justyna Wasiak – Negotiator in NAI Estate Fellows Poznań office, located on 1A Gajowa Street, was responsible for carrying out transaction on behalf of the owner of the building. (more…)


C-III Realty Services has joined NAI Global

bartosz.miecznikowski 7 June 2016

Since 2010 NAI Estate Fellows has been the sole member in Poland, of the international group providing advisory services to commercial real estate – NAI Global. The network includes more than 375 offices and more than 6 700 specialists located throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific.

As part of the development of services and implementation of the group strategy for NAI Global, C-III Realty Services has joined  the group. The company has been operating in the institutional commercial real estate capital market and also specializes in  marketing and sale of commercial real estate.



An award for Moniuszki 1A film!

bartosz.miecznikowski 28 April 2016

In times of high competition on the commercial real estate market, high availability of high-class office space and comprehensive customer service, it is more and more challenging to show the attractiveness of the building. A video clip can be an interesting marketing tool to present the property.

 A real estate internet portal:, in response to the growing trend of video marketing in real estate, decided to organize the “Visor 2016” contest. The competition included presentation of commercial and residential real estate. The award ceremony was held on 30 March 2016, during the celebration of the Real Estate Agent Day. A promotional film for the Moniuszki 1A property has been awarded the title of the best video of commercial real estate. (more…)



bartosz.miecznikowski 12 April 2016

Time for spring cleaning!
On 18-22 April NAI Estate Fellows and eight companies operating in the commercial real estate market in cooperation with “Byś” a waste disposal company, which will conduct the collection of electrowaste will take part in ” Zrzuć zbędne kilowaty” – “Lose your kilowatts” action. Profits from disposal of collected items will be donated to charity. Patronage of the action is covered by EurobuildCEE and Real Estate Manager magazine. (more…)


Real estate companies support “Autism Awareness Month”


Over 100 buildings lit up across Poland during the first two days of April – to express solidarity with the individuals and families affected by autism.

Landlords, advisors, investment funds and property managers support the Na niebiesko dla autyzmu (Light It Up Blue) initiative organized by the SYNAPSIS Foundation. The Light It Up Blue event was held between 1st and 2nd April 2016 thanks to the joint initiative of 11 international real estate companies. Eurobuild CEE acts as media patron for the event. (more…)


Poznańskie Centrum Świadczeń in Podwale Business Center

bartosz.miecznikowski 6 April 2016

NAI Estate Fellows Poznan has signed a lease agreement for office space in Podwale Office Center located on 10 Małachowskiego Street in Poznań.

The new tenant is Poznańskie Centrum Świadczeń. The office location has been choosen for administration of the 500+ program. Poznańskie Centum Świadczeń takes office with an area of ​​650 m2, which is located on the ground floor of the building. The opening took place on 1 April 2016. NAI Estate Fellows Poznań located at 1A Gajowa Street in Poznań was responsible for the transaction. (more…)