The modernisation of the Grunwald Business Park

bartosz.miecznikowski 11 September 2018

The Grunwald Business Park is an office and warehousing object situated in the industrial part of the Grunwald district, at the crossing of the Kamiennogórska and the Jeleniogórska Streets. It is an excellent location, as the Grunwald district is in the western part of Poznań, which has both a very good connection with the ring road (S11, A2), as well as with the city centre (also with the use of urban means of transport). Another advantage of this location is the proximity of the airport.

The entire object that belongs to the Park Company includes almost 9 ha of land, with available for rent warehouses, production halls and office space of the total area of approximately 13 thousand m2. Several companies have been operating there for years. Since the purchase of the object by the Company, both the halls, as well as adjacent offices have been modernised. The office space is adjusted to the specific needs of both small- and medium-sized companies, as well as large enterprises. Apart from the standard of the office space finishing, an important advantage of this object is a large number of parking places for both vehicles, as well as bicycles, for the tenants and the customers alike.

Another project of the Park Company was the modernisation of the office building constructed at the beginning of the 70s. It has three over ground and one underground storey. The facade of the building was modernised and the interiors were refurbished with the use of modern devices and installations. NAI Estate Fellows Poznań Sp. z o.o. acted as a consultant of the Company at the development of the project. The modernisation comprised the installation of two elevators, mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, the air-conditioning and the IT network of 6a category. The building meets now the energy-related requirements stipulated in the standards for 2020. On the ground floor, there is a common reception desk and a canteen, and on the -1 level, there are facilities for the bikers (showers, changing rooms).

In the course of its operation, the Park Company has demonstrated that its mission is to provide an ideal workplace to its tenants. NAI Estate Fellows Poznań Sp. z o.o. supported the owner in the commercialisation process and a high quality of modernisation works was ensured by the general contractor – ImerCon Sp. z o.o. company. We are anxious to see the next projects to be accomplished on the remaining available area.

The building was prepared for the tenants in a very flexible manner, allowing for the dividing of the area into modules of any size. The project turned out to be very successful – until the construction works were finished, the whole area has already been leased. The tenants appreciated both the style and high quality of the interiors, as well as the flexible approach to their needs. – Justyna Wasiak, Manager in charge of lease and sale at the Poznań branch of NAI Estate Fellows, directly responsible for the commercialisation of the building, says.