NAI Estate Fellows moves in PAGED Meble to Praga306!

bartosz.miecznikowski 3 July 2017

A new showroom of PAGED Meble, one of the leading producers of furniture on the Polish market, is going to be established at the Grochowska Street, in PRAGA306 complex.

Rafał Misiak – the Negotiator of NAI Estate Fellows, was responsible for the accomplishment of this transaction on behalf of PAGED Meble.

Paged Group is an industrial and investment holding with more than 85-year history. The parent company of the Group, Paged S.A. with the seat in Warsaw, has been listed since 1996 on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. PAGED is one of the most recognised manufacturers of furniture and one of 200 largest enterprises in Poland. The new showroom is going to occupy more than 300 m2 of the ground floor of the building. It is assumed that the opening will take place in September 2017.

„We are very happy that Praga306 complex attracts such companies as Paged Meble S.A. Paged fits perfectly the concept of our project – we follow the same ideas, namely a long-term experience and tradition merged with modern design” – the initiators of the Praga306 project underline.

PRAGA 306 complex, located at 306/308 Grochowska Street, is composed of 7 buildings that vary in the aspect of their architectural style and have got 7 entrances and 3 elevators. The real-estate offers 11,039 m2 of office space and 1,224 m2 of commercial space assigned for restaurants, cafes, stores, a fitness centre and 875 m2 of warehouses. The origins of the buildings located at 306/308 Grochowska Street date back to the beginning of the XXth century. An original style of this property, its excellent location and convenient commuting options in particular with the city centre make the complex attract unique concepts, such as for instance Paged showroom.

„Our assortment is constantly enriched thanks to our co-operation with renowned designers. The outcome of such co-operation are premium models we have launched and which were appreciated by our customers. Therefore, we decided to open in Warsaw a showroom, which will also be a design and pattern shop and will allow us to display pieces of our furniture in an interesting manner and to hold meetings with both designers, as well as customers. We wanted the place of such meetings to be conveniently located and we wanted it to be original from the architectural point of view”. – Michał Kuryłło, Management Board Member and Sales and Marketing Director of PAGED Meble, says.