bartosz.miecznikowski 22 May 2017

Between 22 and 26 May 2017 electronic waste will be collected as part of the Lose Your Kilowatts campaign following the joint initiative of real estate services firms Cushman & Wakefield, JLL, Knight Frank, NAI Estate Fellows, Savills, Skanska, Capital Park Group, and a waste removal company BYŚ. Proceeds from recycled e-waste will be donated to the “Przymierze – Ziemia Piska” Association.

It will be the fifth time that special bins for e-waste will be put out in 70 selected office and warehouse buildings and shopping centres across Warsaw. All the proceeds from recycled e-waste will be donated to the Rehabilitation, Education and Care Centre of the “Przymierze – Ziemia Piska” Association in Pisz. The Centre provides interdisciplinary support for disabled children and young people, and will use this year’s donation to build and fit out premises and rooms for work with its pupils.

Zuzanna Paciorkiewicz, Partner, Business Space Asset Services, Cushman & Wakefield, said: “By handing over useless or obsolete electronic devices we take care of both our immediate environment and our planet’s future. In addition to cyclical ecological campaigns, we spare no effort on various educational activities to raise awareness about risks of uncontrolled e-waste disposal and benefits of recycling.”

Łukasz Dreger, Key Account Manager, Knight Frank, said: “E-waste collection is organized every year in properties managed by all our campaign partners. Thanks to the large scale of the operation we give office building tenants an opportunity to get rid of electronic waste. In addition, we make companies and employees operating in various sectors aware that such waste should not go into an ordinary bin. As some office and warehouse buildings do not provide special bins for e-waste, this campaign presents an excellent opportunity to take part in it and to help others. As in previous years, we will donate monies from recycled waste to a charity. We would also like to invite everyone to look for partners and sponsors of the campaign who could provide cash or in-kind support for this year’s beneficiary.”

What can go into our bins?

  • Large electronic and electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers, microwave ovens, air-conditioners, etc.;
  • Telephones, monitors, tablets, printers and computers;
  • Small electronic and electrical appliances such as irons, coffee machines, radios, power drills, electric train sets, game consoles, smoke detectors, thermostats, etc.;
  • Medical products such as radiotherapy and dialysis equipment.

Lighting products such as light bulbs and fluorescent lamps are excluded.

In 2016, more than ten tons of e-waste was collected in the Lose Your Kilowatts campaign. Last year’s proceeds from recycled e-waste and donations totalled PLN 9,500 and were all given to the Care and Therapy Centre “Smurfy” in Pisz.