The Baltic Park Molo – a new investment in Świnoujście

bartosz.miecznikowski 24 February 2017

The Poznań Office of NAI Estate Fellows has signed the contract for the lease of space at the Baltic Park Molo in Świnoujście.

The Baltic Park Molo is going to be a modern complex of hotels, apartments and commercial properties, situated in between the beach and the main boulevard of Świnoujście. The complex shall comprise four buildings, a new walkway with the planned pier and the publically accessible recreation space. The two hotels, of an original design, will have a few restaurants, the SPA & Wellness zones, a nightclub, the Aquapark, as well as the convention centre that can host 1,200 people. The ground floors of the buildings will offer more than ten commercial properties for lease and their total area will be 2,000 m2. The commercial facilities will be accessible both from the side of the Uzdrowiskowa Street, as well as the new walkway leading towards the beach and running through the centre of the complex. The Baltic Park Molo is a new place in Świnoujście and it is an excellent spot both for recreation, as well as for investment.

The process of lease of commercial facilities at the property is managed by Patrycja Masiarek, the Head of the Poznań Branch of NAI Estate Fellows, located at 1A Gajowa Street.

Patrycja Masiarek, Head of NAI Estate Fellows Office in Poznań, says: „The location, the modern design and the high-end finishing make the Baltic Park Molo a very attractive place. For the reason of proximity of walkways, it guarantees an excellent access and great interest of potential customers. It is an ideal location to establish a flagship store, a showroom or the service outlet”.