The 20 Wielka Street in Poznań – a truly grand place for an office

bartosz.miecznikowski 12 December 2016

The Poznań Office of NAI Estate Fellows has signed the exclusive contract for the lease of an office space in the tenement house.

The property is located in the very heart of Poznań, at 20 Wielka Street, only 150 m away from the Old Square (Stary Rynek). 7 over ground storeys offer the total leasable space of approximately 3,000 m2. The area of a typical floor is app. 600 m2. The ground floor of the building was assigned entirely for commercial facilities and the remaining storeys were redeveloped to become offices.

The tenement house has undergone a series of redevelopments. It was provided with the elevator, the ventillation system, two independent sources of power supply, a fire fighting system, the alarm system and the access control system. The offices have also got the necessary IT infrastructure. At the entrance to the building there is a reception desk.

The anchor lessees of the building are: Getin Bank, Noble Bank and the Energy Regulatory Office.

On behalf of the building’s Owner, the process of lease is supervised by: Patrycja Masiarek and Justyna Wasiak – of the Poznań Branch of NAI Estate Fellows, located at 1A Gajowa Street.

Patrycja Masiarek, Head of NAI Estate Fellows Office in Poznań, says: „The tenement house at the 20 Wielka Street is a unique place to rent office space, as the house has been quite an eventful spot. The property was owned by the Berliner Bank. The artefact from this institution is a beautiful vault, preceded by a gate with a platform, via which entered trolleys with cash. In the cellar, we discovered the former defence walls of Poznań. Therefore it is a place for those, who appreciate the coexistence of history with modernity and an excellent location in the heart of the city.”