An award for Moniuszki 1A film!

bartosz.miecznikowski 28 April 2016

In times of high competition on the commercial real estate market, high availability of high-class office space and comprehensive customer service, it is more and more challenging to show the attractiveness of the building. A video clip can be an interesting marketing tool to present the property.

 A real estate internet portal:, in response to the growing trend of video marketing in real estate, decided to organize the “Visor 2016” contest. The competition included presentation of commercial and residential real estate. The award ceremony was held on 30 March 2016, during the celebration of the Real Estate Agent Day. A promotional film for the Moniuszki 1A property has been awarded the title of the best video of commercial real estate.

The film was produced by NAI Estate Fellows, on behalf of the owner of the building. NAI Estate Fellows is responsible for both property management and commercialization of the building.

“Nowadays, the task of an agent is to actively seek for the most effective ways to attract customers. It is important to constantly analyze new, interesting and above all effective forms of sales marketing. It is essential for the message to be well addressed to the target group. In our case, these were real estate agencies, with whom we work every day during the project commercialization process”– says Agnieszka Mazurek, Member of the Board, Director of Leasing Department, NAI Estate Fellows.